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Throwing dog toy's on stage during Greg's shows

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Krunk Fact

Krunk Fact

Hi as many know, my 1st show was their last show, for the Galore tour. Something I noticed is how the crowd, threw Dog squeek toys on stage the whole show and how Greg, would use the toy's in his playing. Is this still a thing now that Galore is over? I liked it



This wonderful tradition started well before Galore.

At a show on TGOE's fabled "From Airheads to Tuneheads" tour, Greg mentioned that his Dog (fluffy's) favorite toy broke. At the next show, a couple brought toys and threw them on stage for Greg. Greg loved it so much he encouraged fans to bring soft, squeeky toys at each show.

The tradition gained a lot more relevance during the Galore years after Fluffy's passing. I know I don't need to rehash the heartbreaking yet moving concept of "Galore", but Greg was moved to tears at the kind words everyone had and the toys everyone brought for Pacific.

I encourage everyone to keep up the tradition. At Sandbagger's Amanda and I were sure to bring a couple of new toys for Pacific (who's a pup no longer, let me tell ya!) Greg was touched, as always. In intercity, you may be able to hear Greg using one of the toys as he's performing.



My second favorite tradition - slightly behind the in group crowd laughing they prompt during the soloing section of Nordic Storm.

Also like the new tradition of shining flashlights to honor Pacific's birth when they pair MOTH with BOTCP.

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