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Is this forum alive?

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1Is this forum alive? Empty Is this forum alive? Fri May 05, 2023 11:48 am

Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee

Hello? Does anyone out there wanna talk? Any news in the vines about the new concept album? Assuming Greg is still planning on that….

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Sorry the forum has not been up to your standard Jim. Think I've been pretty clear about the very difficult issues happening in my life....

With that said, had lunch with Greg yesterday and he filled me in on a pretty interesting update.

The band is planning on taking a break from recording the album (they have hit the "Greg Wall Lean" as he calls it, and need a break) to do a "one off Travelin' Again concert". Show is meant to be the "definitive Travelin' Again show" since they were never able to tour.

They plan to perform at Sandbagger's, starting rehearsal's next week, for a show sometime in July. Christopherson will be there.

Not a super long show, just like "any show in the Travelin' Again" tour (that COVID cnacelled).


3Is this forum alive? Empty Re: Is this forum alive? Wed Jun 07, 2023 8:05 pm

Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee

Thanks for the update, Bridges! Very excited for a chance to see the band live again!!

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