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Quintessential Greg: The Sounds Demos

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1Quintessential Greg: The Sounds Demos Empty Quintessential Greg: The Sounds Demos Tue Nov 20, 2018 1:32 pm



Allow me to take you back to a time where Greg was in control of his band.

He had a drummer who was happy to be there (Rold's Gold)

It was before he had a Team-Berry keyboardist who resented him (Pilsby).

And Greg had an album that was shaping up to be something.

I still have the Demo on cassette - and it was the last time Greg released anything worth listening to.

1. Celtic Tango
2. Western Jingle
3. Viking War
4. Roman Interlude
5. Nordic Storm (7:00 version)
6. Irish Superstore
7. Intercity Dirge
8. Arabic Ensemble

No overrated grindie inspired garbage that everyone left their mark on (Worldly), or the techno wannabe Swedish Disco Jam or forgettable Indiana Blowhorn. Just straight up Adrian Legg inspired acoustics and non-embellished drumming from Mr. Rold. I have it in my car for my drive to work each morning - and ya'll are missing out.

Who else is on board for a re-release?



Yo, those demos kind of suck. Rold can't keep a beat dude, what is he like 140?



I agree, WIT! To me there is no purer TGOE than these first demos. I've listened to it so much that Amanda has me keep them only in my Olsecave.

I'm hopeful though, with Travelin' Again it seems they're really trying to capture the core sound of that first album. Should be fun!!

Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee

FTR, Berry said we should be able to re-create this album after #2 Pencil drops next month.



Jimmy Lee wrote:FTR, Berry said we should be able to re-create this album after #2 Pencil drops next month.

Don't tell Bridges that. I think he tells people about being the only one who has heard those demos once every five minutes.

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