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Is Nordic Storm just..

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1Is Nordic Storm just.. Empty Is Nordic Storm just.. Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:38 am



Missing something on the studio version?

Listenin to bootlegs it really sound as like the song is made with the dueling solos Greg and Christopherson would do over that during guitar build. Such talent! Saw Negut and Greg have dueling solos live. That was good too. On the studio they just decide to do the laughing without the solos? Makes the track very plain.

2Is Nordic Storm just.. Empty Re: Is Nordic Storm just.. Mon Dec 10, 2018 1:05 pm



Yes. Yes. Yes!

Out of any song that deserves a release of a live version - THIS is it. The soloing and improv is what MAKES the song. I don't know if Negut wasn't comfortable with doing it or what - but the studio version is flat out lifeless compared to the live performances. Another theory is Christopherson, we all know he was cagey about allowing Greg to play his co-written work (looking at you, Tainted) - it's possible with his involvement on the song he put a similar ultimatum on the soloing.

WTF knows. But now that he's back I'm excited to see this one live again.

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