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Official Announcement: Subforums New and Old!

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It's no secret that we as a forum have struggled to stay afloat since the release of Galore. The old forum, a thriving beacon of forummotion back in the heyday of classic message boards (I.E. before social media, boo, hiss, Zuck!), entertained lively discussions not only about TGOE, but about the local community, global politics, and other general forums. When we re-launched this forum a couple of years back (when there were whispers of a new Greg album - and it's finally here!) I made the decision not to restore the general discussion boards due to all of our prominence on social media, e-mail, and an understandable lack of interest.

However, now with the new forum as active as its ever been, I have been asked to restore the old subforums. I have no idea how active they will ever be - but I was happy to comply with the requests. Here are the restored forums:

The Spin Zone and Echo Chamber!
This is where the politics go, friends! It's not too moderated in here - proceed with caution!

The Colosseum
Sports go here!

The Study and the Theater
Books, Movies, TV? Discuss them here!

The "Other" Music Forum
When sometimes the best (TGOE) just won't do.

Pocatello Bulletin Board!
Come here to talk about local events, not limited to the happenings at Poky or throughout the Pocatello/Chubbuck community.

Be warned, when I say the political forum is lightly moderated, I mean it's lightly moderated step in at your own risk!

Be sure to also check out the new subforum for the new album: Travelin' Again: The Legacy Continues.

Bridges' out.

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'bout time Brigdes, now i gotta a reason to post BOIIIIIIIIII



Does this mean Post-a-Paloozas are coming back?

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