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Michael Matthew Negut is kind of a dick

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1Michael Matthew Negut is kind of a dick Empty Michael Matthew Negut is kind of a dick Sun Apr 04, 2021 4:15 pm



Ran into him at the Denny's in Chubbuck yesterday. We were both waiting in line so I decided to ask if he'd take a selfie. He said "I'm here with my FAMILY." in a really condescending tone. Idk. Didn't appreciate it, especially with how I've done nothing but support him since 2009.

Also, what is with his name? it was MIKE when we interviewed him on this forum but I notice he goes by MATT in in the Legacy Continues era and beyond.

Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee

Hey, Eric! Good to have you back.

Matt views his role in TGOE as a professional one (which it is). He very much treats it like a job. But that's not a bad thing. He takes it as a very serious responsibility and in the last album was the most prepped (he took Greg's cassette recordings and had rehearsed, on his own, before each recording session) and is widely regarded as the best musician in the band. He also personally requested MDN NOT mention his name on Travelin' Again (Livingsdale, too, declined a shoutout), as Matt felt that crossed a professional boundary. As we all know, he's a teacher and so he's well aware of what happens when you devote too much of your personal time to your professional life.

His style, admittedly, clashed with Greg when he first joined the band and through the Galore tour, but Greg and Matt ended up finding a balance during the Travelin' Again sessions - which is great, as his contributions continue to standout on each recording.



Jimmy mostly has it all down. I can add that Negut prefers to go by "Matt" as he said the name "Mike" is what he was known by with his friends and family but has always gone by "Matt" professionally.

I can also add that he and Berry are close enough that Berry calls him "nugget". Greg called him "M&M" when he first entered the band and Negut HATES this. Greg still does it from time to time. I used to think it was funny but it's kind of messed up as I reflect on it.

Bridges' out.



So he's always a pompous prick, then. Got it!



Found this picture on the internet and it reminds me of ol nugget Smile

Michael Matthew Negut is kind of a dick Dacfa910

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