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You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish!

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The last two live shows have really showcased...

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Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee

That while it's called the Greg Olsen Experience, Greg has really given us all a chance to see the sheer talent of Michael Matthew Negut and Christopher C. Christopherson. To have a chance to see these two equally talented musicians playing at their absolute finest makes me thankful for TGOE every day. Only someone with Greg's unique vision could have brought these two to life like he has.



Is it your goal to give everyone else credit in Greg's band EXCEPT Greg?

And get out of here with the "two musicians of equal talent" BS. Christopherson, literally a session musician for touring bands in the 80's and a jam buddy of Adrian Legg's, laughs at you even thinking that Nugget is in the same galaxy.

What your musically naive ears are hearing is Negut, playing at his absolute best, sharing a stage with Christopherson, who is clearly having fun in his retirement years.

Thought that was obvious to everyone, but I guess not.

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