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Not a drill: Catch TGOE LIVE at Sandbagger's this month

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Marc David Nathin

Marc David Nathin

The rumors were true! TGOE has taken a break from recording the new album to rehearse for the "definitive" Travelin' Again show.

Since the Travelin' Again tour was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Greg has long wanted to play a show honoring the album. This show will not feature a supersized setlist, but is meant to feel like "any ol' Tuesday show" from the band (Greg's words). I'll go ahead and confirm that the show will feature the COMPLETE 2019 lineup of the band, Christopherson included.

Be sure to check your e-mail for updates on the showtime!

- MDN.



Saw the e-mail. I'm free that night, but can you just tell me if they're playing Tainted? Otherwise it's just not gonna be worth my time.

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